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“Underrepresentation of Women in Math-intensive Fields”?

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Some characterize the situation for women in STEM as “underrepresentation of women in mathematically-intensive fields.” In the case of baccalaureates at least, the situation might be more accurately described in terms of salaries—unless you believe that engineering and computer science are more “mathematically-intensive” than mathematics.

Sources: Percent male from S&E Indicators Table 02-18, 2009 graduates. Salaries from Table 3,

This scatterplot shows median salaries on the horizontal axis and percent male on the vertical axis, by field, for recent baccalaureates in STEM. Ordered by salary, the fields are:

Engineering (82% male, $58,000)

Computer science (82% male, $54,000)

Mathematics & statistics (57% male, $44,000)

Physics, astronomy, & chemistry (58% male, $40,000)

Biological, agricultural, & environmental sciences (43% male, $34,000)

Psychology (23% male, $32,000)

Update: A discussion of the notion of “mathematically intensive” with respect to PhDs is here.


Written by CK

November 10, 2012 at 11:49 am

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